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We're All In This Together: the Data Security Community

Because securing payment card account data is everybody's business, we need to work together to accomplish this goal. The Council has sought to facilitate the development of a worldwide community encompassing all areas of the payment card processing industry, in which all participants are able to review and discuss new versions of the PCI Security Standards, learn about Council initiatives, and share cross-sector experiences and best practices.

The PCI SSC Community Meetings are a primary expression of this community. Each meeting attracts hundreds of leaders from across the security, payments, financial institutions, retail and technology fields. The agendas combine informative sessions led by industry specialists with networking breaks and opportunities to connect with your peers.

The Community Meetings are also key feedback forums for the Council -- your opportunity to let us know about your successes and challenges, ideas and suggestions regarding PCI Data Security Standards. The Council invites all Participating Organizations (POs), Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs), Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs), PIN Transaction Security product developers and evaluators, and Payment Application QSAs (PA-QSAs) to attend Community Meetings.

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El PCI Security Standards Council (el "Concejo") proporciona una serie de herramientas, cuestionarios, orientación, preguntas frecuentes, recursos de capacitación y otros materiales e información para prestar asistencia a organizaciones que buscan el cumplimiento de sus normas (las "Normas"). También hay productos y servicios de terceros disponibles, pero el Concejo no respalda ni recomienda tales productos o servicios de terceros, y recomienda a todas las organizaciones que buscan el cumplimiento de las Normas familiarizarse con las mismas y sus requisitos relacionados antes de adquirir productos o servicios de terceros. En última instancia, se deben cumplir todos los requisitos aplicables a fin de lograr el cumplimiento, independientemente de si se utilizan productos o servicios de terceros o de cuáles sean.
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