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PCI Data Security Essentials Evaluation Tool for Small Merchants

The PCI Data Security Essentials Resources for Small Merchants provides security basics to protect against payment data theft and to help small merchants simplify their security and reduce their risk. The Data Security Essentials Evaluation Tool provides an alternative for eligible small merchants to learn more about their security posture and perform a preliminary evaluation to understand how they are meeting these security basics for safe payments.

Each merchant’s acquirer (merchant bank), in coordination with the applicable payment brands, determines which merchants are eligible to use Data Security Evaluation forms. We encourage small merchants to review Data Security Essentials Resources for Small Merchants, talk to your acquirers for instructions on how to complete and submit a Data Security Essentials evaluation, and start your path to better security and simpler validation today

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Data Security Essentials Resources

These resources provide simple guidance on why and how to keep customer payment data safe. Start educating your small business customers and partners on payment security basics by downloading these resources now.

Guide to Safe Payments

Simple guidance for understanding the risk to small businesses, security basics to protect against payment data theft, and where to go for help. Available in spiral-bound format too – click here to order.

Common Payment Systems

Real-life visuals to help identify what type of payment system small businesses use, the kinds of risks associated with their system, and actions they can take to protect it.

Questions to Ask your Vendors

A list of the common vendors small businesses rely on and specific questions to ask them to make sure they are protecting customer payment data.

Glossary of Payment and Information Security Terms

Easy-to-understand explanations of technical terms used in payment security.


About the PCI Small Merchant Taskforce

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Small Merchant Taskforce was formed by the PCI Security Standards Council to address the needs of the small merchant market segment by providing simple guidance on protecting payment card data against theft.

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