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PCI SSC Programs Fee Schedule

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NOTE: The amounts set forth in the following schedules (each a "Scheduled Amount") for the specific qualifications, tests, retests, training, memberships, applications, changes and other services, benefits and items described therein (each a "Service") represent the amounts that PCI SSC must actually receive from the applicable assessor, vendor or other paying party (each a "Payor") in order for PCI SSC to provide the corresponding Service, and are net of (i) any and all foreign taxes (including without limitation, foreign use or other taxes), withholdings or similar amounts that the Payor may be required to pay or withhold in connection with such Service (collectively, "Foreign Taxes or Withholdings") and (ii) any and all applicable VAT, sales or similar taxes that PCI SSC may be required to invoice and collect from the Payor in addition to the Scheduled Amounts (collectively, "Collectible Taxes"). To the extent the Payor is required to pay or withhold any Foreign Taxes or Withholdings, the Payor shall be solely responsible for such Foreign Taxes or Withholdings, and will ensure that PCI SSC receives the Scheduled Amount for each Service, notwithstanding any Foreign Taxes or Withholdings. PCI SSC reserves the right to invoice the Payor (and the Payor is responsible to pay PCI SSC) for all Collectible Taxes, in addition to any other amounts properly invoiced by PCI SSC. PCI SSC reserves the right to deny or withhold Service until such time as the Scheduled Amount for a Service, plus any Collectible Taxes due, have been remit in full.

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