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The primary mission of the PCI Security Standards Council is to develop, maintain, enhance and disseminate security standards for payment card data protection. Thus, the Council does not provide direct support to or intervention in an individual organization's PCI DSS compliance efforts. But your success is important to us, and so we do offer a large range of self-help tools and materials, in addition to listing third-party resources. For example, the comprehensive collection of Frequently Asked Questions should be your first stop if you need answers to technical questions about the standards.

We also offer a broad education program. For security firms and professionals who seek to assist organizations with standards implementation and compliance, we provide training to become Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs), Payment Application Qualified Security Assessors (PA-QSAs), and Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs). Lists of qualified practitioners can be accessed here. In addition, to assist organizations who want their employees to better understand the compliance process, the Council offers an Internal Security Assessor program, as well as non-certification training on PCI Security Standards that is open to the public.

Another avenue for support comes from participation in the activities of the Council. You'll find great value in becoming a Participating Organization, attending our Community events, meeting your peers, and sharing your views and experiences around payment card security with the Council, either informally or as a member of a Special Interest Group or the elected Board of Advisors.

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El PCI Security Standards Council (el "Concejo") proporciona una serie de herramientas, cuestionarios, orientación, preguntas frecuentes, recursos de capacitación y otros materiales e información para prestar asistencia a organizaciones que buscan el cumplimiento de sus normas (las "Normas"). También hay productos y servicios de terceros disponibles, pero el Concejo no respalda ni recomienda tales productos o servicios de terceros, y recomienda a todas las organizaciones que buscan el cumplimiento de las Normas familiarizarse con las mismas y sus requisitos relacionados antes de adquirir productos o servicios de terceros. En última instancia, se deben cumplir todos los requisitos aplicables a fin de lograr el cumplimiento, independientemente de si se utilizan productos o servicios de terceros o de cuáles sean.
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